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yeah I got a few pages of the dissertation done today and then I went onwards with my project of php/sql acquisition and I won't bore you with the details but the one thing I hate about macs is that there is no good way to find newly downloaded/installed files that are not in the "normal" directories and so I spent an hour and a half looking for something that old Spotlight should have shown me in an instant.

unix is no help because it only looks in certain places and if you don't have the slightest idea where to tell it to look, it won't find what you are looking for either. windoze will at least tell you where every little .dll is even if the OS itself has no idea why it is there.

I haven't figured out yet what is supposed to be so great about Spotlight. it never finds what I am looking for and it seems the only things that it knows the whereabouts of I already do too. "Your bed? I can find it! Haven't a clue about those sunglasses that have been missing for seven years tho."

spring break so far is nothing particularly special. in fact it is nearly over I reckon since I am back to my workweek before teaching duties start up on Wednesday. that was the fastest week of my life, I can say with complete confidence. I'm fairly certain that in about fifteen minutes I will be dead.***

***this is not a suicide note. it is a metaphorical expression for how fast time continues to go by and how fast it continues to go by faster and faster. I don't plan to die until at least 70 and I'd like about twenty years more than that and think I deserve it but life is rarely fair.


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Mar. 19th, 2006 06:53 am (UTC)
Yea, having two close friends die in the past two years, it does seem like time is racing by and I have begun to ruminate more on mortality, my own. My ex- MF is apparently ill as well, although she still won't tell me with what... She's only 51, not young, but not OLD. It is scary, and humbling all at once.

Yes, it does have that function of making one sit up and take notice that time is going by and there is not enough of it.
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