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v for vendetta

I went to the movie and I found my people and I enjoyed the time out almost as much as I enjoyed the bus ride back home. as usual the anticipation ruins the lead-up but not the event itself.

I do not know how to critique movies. I do not know the vocabulary; I do not know what's at stake in the creation of narratives that are pieced together from images that often don't have anything obviously to do with each other. I will say that it could make a workable anthem for the left despite its heavyhanded moments and repetition of holocaust imagery that at least is there to shock the viewer into admitting that fascism now can lead to the same sorts of things it used to but I'm still not sure that quoting archive footage from the death camps is effective enough to be forgivable but of course the imagery belongs to everyone by now but recreating the scenes carries its own weight of responsibility that I'm not sure the film can sustain.

and I won't comment on the mode of resistance idealized as it is not entirely clear just what that mode is. it seems violent at least but it is not entirely about the individual so much as it is about the monster/outcast which is not the same thing at all.

I suppose the best thing about it is that it made me think of a way to talk about it and I rarely talk about films. it was two hours long but did not drag and there were no moments when I asked myself when the thing was going to end already. I have little patience for contemporary pictures that think themselves so profound that they can't bear to leave anything out and that end up stringing audiences along on the barest pretext of plot development. this one was not like that and in fact left out things that I think could have helped someone not familiar with the story--like me--keep up with the intrigue portion of the proceedings.

thus I wouldn't mind seeing the dvd when it comes out so that I can clear up a few details. overall I think it was probably great fun to build the miniature buildings to blow up.

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