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and while we're on the subject

I don't want to alarm anyone--well that's untrue. I am trying to alarm everyone--but in a conversation with my old boss the other night (a visit which was really really nice by the way) she ventured her opinion that the Republicans will run McCain for president in 08.

just think about this for a minute and think how much work it will take the democratic party to find and then package someone who would stand a chance against McCain.

depressing, isn't it?

I say start writing your democratic congresspeople and tell them to get off their asses and act like the oppositional party we need. tell john kerry the same thing next time he sends you an email talking about how we are just about to round the corner in the fight against republican hegemony. if you don't have congresspeople, just write to howard dean at the democratic national headquarters and tell them to get their shit together now.

I'd like it lots if we had some alternative to the democratic party but until a third party puts down roots in state legislatures and governor's seats and in congress itself no third party candidate stands a snowball's chance in hell of doing anything but throwing the goddamned election. so write to the democrats and ask them where in the gods' green earth is our leadership? where's the person/people who will take on the machine currently running the country and dare to call it on its criminal acts rather than to sit quietly so as not to make too big of a fuss?

you can of course get in touch with the democrats from their website. I'm not sure how much good it will do, but you can also yell at john kerry at his website. we can keep giving support to and people for the american way, but to get the presidency and congress back into the right hands its the democrats themselves that need shaking up.

get going.

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