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sometimes I have dreams that have such long sustained narratives that when I wake up I feel like I've just composed a movie for myself. once I even thought about writing it down, because it felt like a fantasy blockbuster with demons and dragons and secret keys and gatekeepers and all sorts of intrigue.

early this morning I had a very long dream in which a number of very cliched dream-images came about but in succession and each having something to do with the last cliche and during each one I would think to myself 'this is something that normally happens during a dream but it's really happening now!" especially when my teeth got knocked out and then at the end when a poseidon-like wave came from nowhere to capsize the car we were all in and as it was sinking and a bunch of us could not extract ourselves because of some vacuum-like force from inside the car it occurred to me that drowning was another dream cliche and that it seemed unlikely that I'd experience two of them within hours of each other in real life and then I remembered that this was all taking place in marietta ga and I thought for a bit (all while the car is filling with water) trying to figure out what I would be doing there and trying to remember where I would probably really be if this were a dream and when I finally came up with san francisco for the answer I said ah-ha! and relaxed and the dream ended and I woke up with all my teeth still in my head.

the only interesting thing about the dream is that instead of my teeth falling out because of dental neglect I was actually in a fist fight with some guy who didn't realize a plain-clothes cop was standing right there but he managed to land one punch square on my jaw and then the cop broke up the fight and started pulling damaged teeth out of my head except for the last one which he mistakenly thought was falling out but no he had to pull and pull and it was very painful and I was making a very high-pitched but quiet whine which nevertheless got the attention of the wolves outside.

yeah I don't know why I didn't figure out it was a dream right away.

welcome to friday morning. I'll be leaving you all for about an hour while I go get my drugs but I will be back.

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