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oops I did it again

the plan was to be up by 7 so that I could get dressed and down to the zen center for the saturday morning meditation that I've gotten out of the habit of attending so I set my alarm for 6:45 and I swear I had only hit snooze twice when I woke up fully and saw that it was a quarter to 8.


the clock radio worked a lot better before I realized the snooze button was functional for it, too.

so I didn't go. I'm not even dressed yet but will soon be sitting here on my own as usual.

I keep feeling like there's something I'm supposed to be doing today. I think that was it, though.

I should have gone to bed last night but I could not tear myself away from learning regular expressions for validating user input data. I realize this is probably the most exciting thing you've ever heard of and believe me it is especially when you are trying to debug the textbook's code. I don't know if the typos appear in the effort to convert print to online text but half of what they've got doesn't work but it's a learning experience to fix it at least. but so I think I know what + and * and . stand for inside and outside of []'s. ^ too. I'm still uncertain how to check for whitespace. \s didn't work for me but maybe I was deploying it wrong. how can you deploy someting like that wrong?

today I'm going to learn more of the same. I still don't know how I'm paying the rent this summer and I might need to do some advertising. "experience with php and mysql" doesn't have to mean extensive experience.

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