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I consider that someone has stolen an hour out of my day off.

I know the hour doesn't officially disappear until early tomorrow morning but I try to make up for it the night before by going to bed at tomorrow's bedtime.

it won't work though because it is already 8:30 by tomorrow's time and I haven't even put on my pajamas and sat for the evening, which takes an hour.

besides that I am wide awake. maybe that will change after an hour of counting my breath.

I don't really like daylight savings time very much. in seattle where it stays light till 10pm around the solstice it is pretty cool just for that, but for the middle latitudes it really is just a pain in the ass to get used to the lost hour. granted I love gaining that hour back in october but really I'd rather not mess with it at all. when the sun is at the apex of its path, it should be the middle of the day. when it sets, it should be night. how difficult is that really? I suppose if I am going to be that way about it I should just get rid of all my clocks.

perhaps I should strive for a lifestyle that doesn't need clocks.


Apr. 2nd, 2006 04:34 pm (UTC)
no I can see your point about the longer evening. just this year my schedule is going to have me going to bed before dark so that I can get up in the middle of the night to start my day.


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