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me too

just to join in the battle of the bulge that seems to be going around: my clothes are tighter than they should be.

I need to exercise.

see here's the problem. it's been in the fifties (fahrenheit) for something like six months now and if I go for a real walk in this weather I sweat like a goddamn horse the first fifteen minutes and then I freeze my ass off--still sweating, mind you, but freezing too. especially when there's a breeze. which there nearly always is, nearly always cool and westerly.

I don't do much else. there's no place in here for an old lady stationary bicycle or anything like that. I could jog in place I suppose but surely that would annoy the downstairs neighbors. I can't afford to join a gym. getting outside and walking is about the perfect exercise for me as I hate running for very long periods and I am scared to get a bicycle and try to ride it in san francisco not because of the hills but because of the insane people in cars.

but right now I have to really slow down almost to the point of going nowhere to keep from sweating/freezing. I easily walk three miles a day but very slowly and although I know it takes the same amount of energy to move a mass a certain distance the slow three miles don't seem to be doing much for me. I need to speed it up and add mileage so as to use more energy.

which, by the way, I have very little of to begin with.

it's supposed to rain for a week. I wonder what would happen if I went out energetically hiking in my rain gear? usually it means I get soaked from inside out despite the rain not getting in but the one thing about raingear is that it is a pretty efficient windbreaking device. so I could just sweat and get really hot.

yeah, I know the breathable membrane is supposed to keep you from accumulating body moisture, but you might as well turn a faucet on inside the jacket for all the good it does me.

I think, though, I have to get out there and suck it up. because it is getting harder to suck it in.


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Apr. 2nd, 2006 09:26 pm (UTC)
could you buy some little weights and heft them around, or just use cans o'beans? that builds muscle, which burns fat. i hesitate to do that because of my ever-touchy lower back, but if your back's strong, that might work. (i'm more than a little bulgy. nothing fits any more, and i sent all my really Fat clothes to a sale a couple of years ago. over-optimistic...)
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