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light? tunnel?

I wrote about four pages which is quite a bit more than the single required sentence. I still don't spy an end in sight but I am slowly getting through Levinas' arguments or at least the ones I open the book up randomly to read. once he's out of the way I get to have fun with Gertrude Stein and in fact a large portion of that may already be written in the form of the essay I wrote for Lyn some time ago. the first half of it has been deployed already as the skeleton of an intro.

I am annoyed that it is already 2pm but am wondering if I should put on rain gear and go for a brisk stroll. maybe wicking thermals under breathable water repellancy would make things not so horribly uncomfortable.

I think I should probably start out on a level course although I have been doing plenty of slow hill-climbing but fast hill-climbing might need to be worked up to. I guess that means the SOMA tour today.

I wonder if I put on a silk tshirt under a wicking thermal shirt if that could possibly deal with the deluge from within. radar shows a number of green spots but nothing terribly torrential so I might even be able to zip open the pits.


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