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well I guess it could be 6:30. the five-mile walk has me feeling quite virtuous and I am beginning to think that I should get a windbreaker for the days that aren't wet but are still breezy enough to make sweaty bodies shiver. the underwear/rain gear idea worked really well. my tshirt was soaking wet when I got home but never once did I get that icecicles-through-the-gut feeling from an innocuous breeze.

anyway as soon as I got home I put on my pajamas which makes 6:30 a little more tenable now but we'll see what the body thinks about going to bed in two hours when it is still light out. or maybe it will be dark. the one nice thing about constantly overcast weather is that you never really know where the sun is until it is suddenly dark.

i guess then we'll see.

the bowl of cereal I just ate is putting me to sleep. my last meditation for the day is bound to consist of flirting with and fighting alpha-stage sleep for an hour. always an interesting experience especially if you can keep track of the imagery which of course in meditation you don't really do.

but so it's now 7 and time to give it a whirl.

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