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well that got out of hand

I was going to stop after three paragraphs knowing that I had a little more I wanted to say then decided to go ahead and say it and out comes this five-paragraph rant about surface unconsciousness and sympathy for the devil and my first words to the cat.

I think I will have to fix it in the morning. it's one of those things that you suspect you know what you are trying to say but somewhere between that suspicion and the keyboard it loses its linear cohesion which in fact it probably never had to begin with and so you end up pressing some sort of order onto it and bits stick out here and there like little amputated limbs.

but in any case I have now finished for the day and it is 1pm like it's supposed to be instead of 2 like it was yesterday at this time.

there are things I need to do like find my aunt a hotel room for commencement and I suspect that the hotels near campus raise their rates for that special week but maybe I can put her in a place in el cerrito and then come and get her with a city carshare car.

it's not possible for her to sleep here. I wouldn't ask anyone over fifty to try to sleep on our daybed. and I sure wouldn't let a relative see the way we don't really clean here.

rain here and there suggests rain gear for another walk. my sloth half wants to stay in and learn javascript. there'd be time for both if I got going soon.

la de da.


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