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going to bed at 7:30 felt so good last night I might do it again although I'd better get started brushing my teeth soon. still no time to do laundry in the morning as I have therapy at 10 but I could squeeze in a little work maybe. like maybe going over the mess I made today and seeing if it is not a complete embarrassment.

also if I stay up much longer I'm going to want something to eat and all I have is cereal or zone bars and I don't want a zone bar and the idea of starting walking again was not so that I could have two bowls of cereal at night.

I guess I am non-celebrating daylight savings time by trying to outdo it. you know it was actually pretty easy to get up at 6 having slept ten and a half hours.

there. a post about laundry, therapy, cereal and sleep. just in case you all had forgotten who I was.


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Apr. 4th, 2006 03:09 am (UTC)
Well, my posts have revolving themes also: Amy, sex with Amy, how hot Amy is, how much fun we have together, how adorable Amy is, our plans and escapades... Our trials and tribulations, usually revolving around her sexual orientation crisis... And, did I forget to say, how wonderful Amy is... Which is why I at one time called my journal "Amy worship and a few other things"! LOL -- Of course, she loves it.

The other revolving themes are much less exciting. Unfortunately, these appear to be: cleaning my room, and lately, how fat I am. Gee, I know guys aren't supposed to write or even think about how "fat" they are, we are supposed to not care if we are huge ballooning stomach lardasses with flat feet and big double-chins - hey, we're guys right? Who cares? But, gee- I care. I do - and I know I have been boring people with it lately, and myself. Now, if I can just do something about it - that would be -- ah, appropriate and possibly, not as boring. As for cleaning my room, well, yea- it isn't exciting to hear about, but - it is at least funny to realize how long I have been trying to clean and organize my room. Like, forever... AGGGH!!!

I eat a lot of yogurt. I don't write about this, possibly I should start? You write about cereal and I write about yogurt. Oh, the intellectuals - what are they doing with themselves? Eating cereal and yogurt... : ) And - oh yes, sorting our socks. : )
Apr. 4th, 2006 02:55 pm (UTC)
actually it's odd that I don't write about my cats more. you'd think an lj'er who had not one but two cats would be writing about them all the time.

I do know there are days when I don't feel like teaching but just want to go in and say "let's talk about our animals!"

I hear you about the fat thing. I don't complain much, but the spare tire that came in at about the same rate as the beard has really got me bummed out. I've decided to try to walk five miles every day without altering my diet--I don't actually eat all that much--and see what happens. yeah I do realize that as a guy I'm supposed to be proud of my pot belly, but I'm not. and the back fat just makes me this weird shape that is neither male nor female but just oddly lumpy and I truly hate it.

on the other hand, I'm a fag, so I get more latitude with the vanity thing I think.
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