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going to bed at 7:30 felt so good last night I might do it again although I'd better get started brushing my teeth soon. still no time to do laundry in the morning as I have therapy at 10 but I could squeeze in a little work maybe. like maybe going over the mess I made today and seeing if it is not a complete embarrassment.

also if I stay up much longer I'm going to want something to eat and all I have is cereal or zone bars and I don't want a zone bar and the idea of starting walking again was not so that I could have two bowls of cereal at night.

I guess I am non-celebrating daylight savings time by trying to outdo it. you know it was actually pretty easy to get up at 6 having slept ten and a half hours.

there. a post about laundry, therapy, cereal and sleep. just in case you all had forgotten who I was.
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