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another day another chance at bliss or trauma

today I must write out the third essay assignment and grade some papers. I need to write some dissertation but I have to pay attention to my students first. I also really need to do laundry but might run down to rei for retail therapy/laundry insurance.

I was thinking of growing some hair for commencement and was putting all kinds of goo in it to get it to lie close to my head instead of sticking out straight like a bristle brush but it had gotten to the point where my scalp was dripping with the stuff and my hair was still sticking out and it was kind of gross and besides that I was depressed and angry yesterday so I washed all the goo off and took out the clippers and shaved myself bald again.

sooo much better. I can't explain exactly what it is about being bald that makes me feel strong and confident, but there it is. I was like, I'm gonna shave that mom right offa my head. it worked pretty well.

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