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I'd sort of like to go for another walk today but as you noted, there is a continuous line of rain stretching from here to hawaii (ok maybe I exaggerate) and although my rain gear is good rain gear I still end up as wet on the inside as the out from sweat and although the rain gear functions pretty well as windbreaker gear it doesn't keep the chill completely away once I've worked up a lather.

I just don't think there are any good ways for me to exercise without joining a gym, which I cannot afford. sweating in a gym where the temperature is controlled and there are no sudden 30mph gusts of wind seems like it would be far less uncomfortable than sweating outside.

but instead of sitting here writing nothing at all of any substance whatsoever I think I will go put on the rain gear and give it a go. I'd kind of like to walk to something interesting for a change. I wonder what that might be. the city is only 7 miles wide. I can pretty much get to anywhere and then come back on a bus if I hit 5 miles before making it home.


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Apr. 12th, 2006 09:39 pm (UTC)
you don't have access to a university gym as a grad student? that sucks. i thought it was one of the singular best perks of being a long-term student (though your term is nearly up).
Apr. 13th, 2006 01:33 am (UTC)
oh yeah I could go to the student gym, but it's over in Berkeley and I live in San Francisco. long ago when I took graduate seminars it might have been worth a go but I rarely go over to Berkeley anymore and going just for the gym would not be worth the long, nauseating BART ride to get there.

otherwise, great idea! I just live too far away.
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