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finding the right drug

I just got a call from a 732 number. where in the world is that? what do they want? I did not answer. if I don't recognize your number I don't answer. it's good policy for today's world.

I need to cheer up. b and e are taking me out to dinner in 45 minutes and I can't be a mister sad sack. I mean they understand depression and stress but it's a celebratory dinner and I need to be celebratory. I'm pumped up with caffeine and b vitamins and various other magical herbs and potions in my rockstar energy drink but it is not quite perking me up the way it sometimes does.

I also have to figure out what to wear and in fact should change right about now. it's a trendy mission restaurant so I probably don't have to dress up but I should put on something freshly laundered at least, I think. you think?

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