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repast report

dinner was very good. I had a kind of miniature eggplant parmesan for an appetizer and then some spinach-filled cannelloni with about a million kinds of cheese all melted around it and then for desert the three of us split a chocolate mousse and a panna cotta.

baked cream with berry sauce. oh god continental desserts just rock. baked cream! eating it is like skimming the top off a freshly squeezed pail of milk! not that I've ever done that that I can remember. my mom grew up on a farm but I did not.

mmmmm. cream.

so that put me in a better mood. afterwards we had coffee in a trendy coffee shop filled with young hipsters just starting their friday nights as we were finishing ours. sometimes it seems that the only thing I miss about being young is being able to do all those drugs. I saw some baby butch dyke all dressed up and packing, obviously on a date, and I saw tall angst-ridden young men, artistes of one stripe or another, with their carefully arranged chaotic hair and I wondered what kind of gigs they were trying to get and whether they were being successful.

oh the other thing I miss is immortality. that feeling that you've got forever. I mean time is still on my side to an extent, or to the extent that anyone can assume a "natural" lifespan not cut short, but I do realize that I have a finite amount of it left. I can't say I've begun to imagine death yet but I can see that there is an End coming up and after that I won't be able to go back and fix anything. not that I can go back and fix anything now but it is occurring lately to me that I need to start getting it right. I'm not sure I've begun to yet. for a minute it looked like it and then no.

yeah so we had coffee.

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