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the cages are really all ok. it was the rabbits' litterboxes stinking up the place. so I changed those and now everyone smells fine.

the rest of the afternoon is mine to do as I see fit. what seems to fit is reading but the question is what exactly. I've told myself that I can't buy any more books until I read the ones I have which could be a twenty-year proposition and I think there will probably be more current things out by then that I will then have to catch up on. it's a never-ending job, this reading business.

the natural first choice is my computer books but even there I have a choice. I need to be able to be a whiz with css to make the pedagogy site work this summer and although I have a rudimentary knowledge of it and could probably just learn by doing I have this pervasive fear that I Don't Know Enough Yet.

sometimes I think I should go to a career center. not that I need a career but I do need rent money and whatnot. maybe they could help me to figure out what a rhetoric phd could do that either did not require teaching at all or required only part time teaching in a secure position, i.e., not having to teach someplace different every freaking semester like catherine did before she got her job.

anyway. off to enjoy myself.

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