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snooze, lose

I did manage to finish the chapter on using javascript to validate form data but in the middle of reading it I took a three-hour nap sitting right here in my chair, propping my head up in various ways to keep it from hitting the desk, or leaning precariously over the side of my chair. each time I awoke I was all curled up but hadn't fallen on the floor or anything.

finally I gave up and put on my pajamas and was going to just go to bed when something on the internet distracted me and I managed to wake up a little. see I figured if I went to sleep at 5pm I could get up at 5am and do my laundry, before setting out to work tomorrow.

it is getting frustrating, I have to say, to always be falling asleep when I try to read for other than school or teaching. why it is I stay awake with the hard stuff is beyond me unless it's the related performance anxiety keeping me out of that consumptive alpha stage.

I perused city college's job board and course offerings to see if I could teach there part time and take computer classes and I probably could. the application process for the teaching positions looks dreadful and the idea of going before search committees makes me feel like throwing up and besides all that I just don't know if the teaching is the way for me to go but the money is promising and the courses should be easy enough to teach if I stopped trying to get students to understand my pet theories.

one of the positions wants demonstrated involvement with 'the Bay Area Art Scene'; I wonder if teaching at the art institute would count?

I think though I will sit now which will undoubtedly put me back to sleep which will position me for a pre-dawn awakening and laundry-doing. I'm thinking laundry on easter has to be the best idea I've had all year.

ok perhaps not.

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