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man i hate those days where you feel like bashing your head into the wall. you know when you've done the things you set out to do but it earns you no relief from the half guilty half bored frame of mind where you are sure that no matter what you are doing you should have done something else and no matter what you have done you haven't done nearly enough and there are still about 100 things pending that if you had the self discipline to do them they would be done.

i don't know what any of them are. i mean i could have cleaned the kitchen but so what if i didn't. nothing is rotting in there. i sent my email and maybe it could have been worded better but i think it was good enough and it said what i wanted it to say so i should be happy to have that out of the way but instead i stare at my unread books which i certainly couldn't read in this state but still i stare at them and they stare back at me reproachfully.

if i didn't know better i'd say i was premenstrual. but my breasts aren't swollen. oh wait. they're gone.

so i've got the urge to kill but no bloating. what is the difference?

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