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yeah. no.

when the alarm went off at 5:45 I heard the rain pounding against my window and thought well maybe not and went back to sleep for an hour.

altogether I got nearly 11 hours of sleep but it's still pouring like mad so I don't think today there will be laundry. it's ok cause the other day I ran to rei and got a few pair of socks with my member's dividend so they cost very little. soon I'll be out of boxers though and I don't need any more of those anymore than I really needed the socks.

once I get my own washer and dryer (an event nowhere on the horizon but just wishful thinking) I will have enough socks to last the rest of my life.

so I have to grade papers today as there is no more putting it off. how you do this with low morale I'm not sure but I guess I'll find out. I like my students, at least, and want them to do well. that's a good start. I can't think of anything to look forward to today but should come up with something besides sitting which I look forward to every day. perhaps if I get started early-ish on the papers I can then find something fun to do in the afternoon.

besides sleep. I do not want to sleep all day again. somewhere in the back of my brain I can feel the sleepy monster getting up a head of steam. more coffee to drown him with!


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