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long journey, single step

I've graded one paper and it's just depressing. the paper itself was fine. most of them write reasonably well and have some idea of what is going on in class but the plan to sit here and grade like the dickens is not appealing at all. but I have to get them done but on the other hand there are so few of them that I could conceiveably grade them all in one day. just not today. but if not today, what other day will appeal?

if I don't grade papers I should write dissertation but I'm just not feeling the spirit within me move, you know? this will pass but for right now the idea of working makes me vaguely nauseous. this could have something to do with the headache I woke up with. and my elbow hurts. perhaps a little ibuprofen could set things aright.

more coffee is indicated as well. as always.

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