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to do

I am trying not to let anxiety overtake me to the point of paralysis as I have enough reasons to be paralyzed as is. telling myself there is no rush on the day, if I get a few papers graded that's enough, feed the critters, clean some cages. I still really don't have much of a will to get anything done but I have to overcome that somehow.

I also need to get out to berkeley soon but maybe tomorrow afternoon for that. too much else to pay attention to today. and only the gods know when I will do laundry. I might have to buy more socks and boxers. the good thing about boxers is that you can get very colorful and quite durable ones on mission street for like $6 a three-pack.

soon I must get my commencement announcements out but I'm going to have to print up my own cards for them since I bought the generic ones. will have to find a good font to use.

ok. start day now.

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