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one of my favorite things to do is when I come home after a walk I go on googlemaps to track my mileage by finding driving directions between various points that google manages to plot out on my approximate walking route. this often involves getting directions both ways for a segment and taking the one that's closest to how I walked.

yeah ok this is not very exciting but I love to do it. today I walked 5.8 miles and once I go to the store to get coffee and water that will bump it up to 6.2.

stay tuned for more updates on Where I Walked Today.

I stopped in Flax to see if they sold candlemaking supplies but they don't. I want to get some wicking material to see if I can use the remnants of candles that build up in the little glass holders as an entire new candle by boring a hole in it, dropping a wick down it, and sealing it in with a little more melted wax. it's not that I'm mister frugal, but it seems a shame to waste all that nice smelling wax just because the last of the wick of each candle didn't last long enough to use it up.

and maybe I am mister frugal. the candles I like best are, naturally, the most expensive kind, and it would be nice to get a whole free candle after every five or six that I burn.

I feel very much like putting on pajamas. I'd better get some pants on and get to the store before I doom myself to chocolate covered espresso beans in the morning.

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