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today I spent all afternoon "working" on my website which used to mean designing the graphics and slicing them into cell-sized pieces but this time took the form of drawing an actual site map (never ever done that before, and you can probably tell if you go and see how many different faces my site has), determining which pages need to be php and which can be straightup html.

I'm thinking of coding my own blog. it wouldn't be terribly complex; I'd only have one user and I might or might not make people register to make comments. on the one hand I get really sick of being asked to register everyfuckinglittlesite I go to, but on the other hand I could at least say look I know how to manage a 'customer' database.

maybe I'll make registration optional.

I'm not certain where to start but I was thinking of creating my own web interface for updating so I need to learn more about session management.

this is so exciting it makes you want to pee, doesn't it.

anyway I've been doing this all afternoon like I said and the static in my brain is getting really loud but I can't seem to tear myself away from just one more safari.oreilly.com page. I'd do better if every night I knew I could get up in the morning and start working on it again but with one hundred thousand things clamoring for my attention that just isn't the case right now.


Apr. 23rd, 2006 02:50 pm (UTC)
well that's what I'm learning so hopefully it won't be very difficult for me either. I've worked hundreds of php examples but haven't started from scratch before so will have to do a little planning to decide just how I want to put it together.


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