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then where's that smell coming from

I hate it when cleaning just uncovers smells. I fear that cleaning out my shelf in the refrigerator was not such a good idea as there was gunk under everything that I don't feel like going after now but I think I have to. most of it is gunk that drips from up above on sandy's shelf where she keeps god knows what for god knows how long. my long term food is completely wrapped and does not drip.

I think maybe I should ask to trade shelves. bottom shelf of the fridge is a raw deal.

the rest of the house though looks pretty good. not brilliant, but good. my room is still a pit, but it's a pit of objects rather than dirt. I can stand a buildup of objects but not dirt so much.

I wonder if it will take more than ten minutes to get rid of the gunk in the fridge. I'm not even sure what will get it off except maybe a metal spatula.

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