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time going up in smoke

well I can't do a damned thing. I can't start work coding a blog until I know what PEAR modules are installed and/or whether I can install my own on my web hosting server and I can't do that until I have ssh access to my account and I can't get that until the admins come back to work tomorrow to see that my paperwork is in order.

I can't print up the inserts for my commencement announcements because I cannot afford good paper and I'm out of red and green ink which I also cannot afford until tuesday when I get paid.

I suppose I could work on advertising copy for my aspiring tutoring business. I'm thinking though, this late in the day, that a walk would be good. only problem there is the sweating and freezing thing which I thought I had gotten worked out by wearing my rain shell but it only works so well as a windbreaker. I think I need to wrap myself up in plastic and they sell basically cheap nonporous plastic windbreakers at old navy but I can't afford one of those till tuesday either.

in fact what I should probably be doing is washing socks in the sink as the pickings are getting slim and I cannot afford to do laundry or buy new socks until tuesday.

am thinking this last is probably where I should go with my nervous energy before dissipating it with the afternoon klonopin.


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Apr. 24th, 2006 09:34 pm (UTC)
more tutoring info
I saw your post where you said your email was down so I'm commenting here.

I talked to a teacher friend (Trixie) on Saturday who told me that some of the teachers in her school charge $40-$60/hr for tutoring. I'm not sure if you can get this (at least at first) but you should not charge less than $30 because then you look suspect. You may be able to get $60 because of the PhD/Berkeley thing.

To get clients that pay this, you need a website and a nice flyer with copies posted at as many of the local schools with a well-to-do student body as you can manage. A recommendation in the newsletter or parents' email list of one of these schools is even better and almost guaranteed to get you at least one client. If you have teachers or people who have/work with school-age children in your network, they could be immensely helpful to you. Also, when people contact you from flyers, you may be able to find out about newsletters and email lists even if you don't end up making a sale.

BTW, I said on the phone that you could write college entrance exam essays. I later discovered this is not true. I mean, you could do it, but it's not allowed because it's cheating. You can however, help someone write their own essay.

My friends (beckastar and Chasing Amy) both have businesses in SF that follow this model and in both cases I've been friends with them since before they started. So I've been able to monitor their progress. It takes a long time to build up a clientele (1-3 years), but it does happen and they make more money over time. I almost don't want to tell you this because I expect you will say "oh no, it will take me 3 years of work to earn enough from tutoring and I don't even want to be a tutor!" but I don't think that's true. What I think this means is that if you are willing to perservere, you could have a small business that would support you comfortably on 10 hours a week of work. In the meanwhile, I think tutoring will pay more than teaching and the hours are flexible, so it's worth a try.

Also: don't overthink the website. You just need a brochure type thing that looks professional and is clean/informative. Save the complicated stuff for projects you'll be paid for.
Apr. 24th, 2006 09:36 pm (UTC)
I'm bossy. Don't let it bother you. I'll continue to keep my ear to the ground and feed you data as I get it.
Apr. 26th, 2006 05:30 pm (UTC)
your bossiness won't bother me so long as my disobedience doesn't bother you. I think these are all good suggestions though and welcome any more you might have--even if I never get to putting them into practice they might be helpful in other ventures as well.

so, thanks!
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