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time going up in smoke

well I can't do a damned thing. I can't start work coding a blog until I know what PEAR modules are installed and/or whether I can install my own on my web hosting server and I can't do that until I have ssh access to my account and I can't get that until the admins come back to work tomorrow to see that my paperwork is in order.

I can't print up the inserts for my commencement announcements because I cannot afford good paper and I'm out of red and green ink which I also cannot afford until tuesday when I get paid.

I suppose I could work on advertising copy for my aspiring tutoring business. I'm thinking though, this late in the day, that a walk would be good. only problem there is the sweating and freezing thing which I thought I had gotten worked out by wearing my rain shell but it only works so well as a windbreaker. I think I need to wrap myself up in plastic and they sell basically cheap nonporous plastic windbreakers at old navy but I can't afford one of those till tuesday either.

in fact what I should probably be doing is washing socks in the sink as the pickings are getting slim and I cannot afford to do laundry or buy new socks until tuesday.

am thinking this last is probably where I should go with my nervous energy before dissipating it with the afternoon klonopin.


Apr. 26th, 2006 05:30 pm (UTC)
your bossiness won't bother me so long as my disobedience doesn't bother you. I think these are all good suggestions though and welcome any more you might have--even if I never get to putting them into practice they might be helpful in other ventures as well.

so, thanks!


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