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haha. I'm going to do my laundry three garments at a time and tell you all about it!

yeah ok so you'll take me off default view.

three pairs of socks and three silk tshirts are now cleaner than they were. washing clothes by hand sucks in the sense that it makes your back hurt and is really time-consuming but it is gratifying in the way the dirt comes right out with just your hands working through the cloth and detergent. the magic of the washing machine is not necessary, just convenient.

of course the other drawback is no automatic dryer so now we are in a race against time to see how quickly merino wool hiking socks will dry. they have approximately 14 hours. only one pair has to make it, though. I washed an extra thick pair that probably won't be dry until next week.

I guess today was a success, domestically speaking. I think I will read more about what I'd like to be doing with my website and then sit and then sleep and then get up and work. no more laundry till tuesday I guess. it wasn't that much fun.

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