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you know the funny thing is I used to sleep until noon quite regularly and didn't really think much about it but today sleeping in till 10am made me feel like I had already lost half the day. it's a good thing I didn't really plan to do anything today although one thing I have to do is go down to the clinic and get my pharmacy coverage renewed so I can get my prozac refilled. I'm down to one capsule and although it has a long half-life and I can get away with low doses for a limited time I need to get back up to my regular dose here pretty quick.

the other thing I have to do is get my announcements in the mail. the other day my printer stopped wanting to print envelopes but then after restarting and going on to print something else, it decided to print the envelopes all over again except of course there were no envelopes in the sheet feed but just regular paper. this was after I had deleted the job but printers have their own little psychotic realm that only they inhabit and no one else really understands.

I should also shower. I can still put off laundry for a couple more days having washed those socks but they won't last much longer.

my nurse practitioner at the harm reduction place said I should think about taking a couple of days off with absolutely no responsibilities some time soon as she believes I've been under a lot of stress lately which is true. I am going to try to make that next tue and wed. so between now and then I must not only get some more dissertation written but also tally up my students' response papers so that I can tell them who is missing what.

that reminds me that I need to email them all about who is presenting next week. so far two people have volunteered.

I must remember to bring snacks this time.

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