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may day

my entire neighborhood is closed. there are demonstrations downtown and though I feel somewhat bad for not joining them I'm not so sure that demonstrations do any good at all anymore or that is I think that for May 1 what we should have done was marched 5 million people to the White House and taken it over. no guns, no weapons but fists. just a mass of people moving into the oval office.

yeah some people would have gotten shot at. would it be worth it? would it make any difference? what exactly would revolution look like in 21st century north america? is non-violent resistance still viable?

I'm not political hack so I don't know how to get one going but I'd sure like to see a mass movement. a real mass movement that goes somewhere rather than sitting on the lawn in front of one of the most liberal city halls in the nation. 2 million against the war in san francisco didn't stop the war. it's not going to stop anything else either.

what will?

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