Erik (eriktrips) wrote,

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strategic misstep

somewhere I vaguely remember trying this before and being slightly astonished but you wouldn't believe the number of families dressed for church who do their laundry early sunday morning. I guess if life is very busy you get your chores done when you can but 7am sunday at a laundromat you wouldn't think would be a zoo.

it calmed down by 9:30, about the time I finished. obviously they are all going to 9am mass. do they do mass at 9am? I'm not versed in these things.

I will try to remember that laundry on sunday = sleep in.

but on the bright side I had clean laundry all folded and put away by 10:30am. I think I might be ready to go back to bed but I'm going to sit instead which sometimes works out to be the same thing.

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