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late night

after staying up till past 10 last night I slept in till 8:30 this morning. party.

I think I have to do a little cleaning today so that there is not too much cleaning tomorrow for me to be able to stand--that and sandy is at work today and won't be tomorrow so if I clean today I won't have to clean around her.

the thing is I don't want my aunt thinking I live in a total dump even though it is possible that I do. that and not giving lisagail an asthma attack from the deep layer of animal dander that covers everything in the house are the main goals here. mostly the bathroom needs work and I guess I could actually mop the kitchen floor after sweeping it. fortunately I think my aunt understands stacks of stuff so I don't have to find places for all our stuff that has no place.

I'm not sure what to do about the ubiquitous fur. I can put a fresh sheet on the daybed, for one, but other than a thorugh sweeping and delinting of the livingroom chairs I don't know what to do. I do not have the equipment for a deep vacuuming.

sandy and I decided that santiago is too skinny so I'm going to go get some canned food for him later and see if we can fatten him up. I think it is just because her runs around as though he were four months old the entire time he is conscious. but at two years of real time age he should be filling out a little I think.

that and cat litter which means I have to get a car or lug two boxes of trader joe crystal litter on my back. of course the expense of the car negates the savings on the litter so maybe I should just pay the $24 for a bag at my local pet supply. trader joes charges $18 for the same amount. 6 bucks. that's at least two burritos if I buy them frozen. I'm not sure the boxes would fit in one of my messenger bags although I could ditch the boxes and just carry the plastic bags inside home. there is a little problem of overpackaging of this particular trader joes product. I suppose I could just walk down there with my biggest bag and decide once I eyeball the boxes.

so many intricacies to living in the city. maybe $6 isn't too much to pay for local convenience.

isn't this the most interesting post you've read all morning? sorry I don't have any fresh angst ready for you today.

although I could elaborate on why commencement is making me nervous. commencement is making me nervous because I feel like I am getting all of these people to gather to watch this one moment where I walk across the stage and get hooded and now I'm afraid I will trip or accidentally poke judith in the eye whilst flailing about trying to get hooded. einfall suggests keeping my arms down and letting judith do the work of hooding me. 'no helping' she says. this is I think good advice.

I'm still nervous.

I have to figure out what to wear under the robe. It's going to have to be a black shoe affair although my nicest pair of shoes is brown. the black ones are nearly all work boots or casual slip on boots. one of the slip on pairs might be ok--after I bought then I decided they looked too conservative for me so I never wear them. what goes under the gown is not terribly important as long as it does not clash with the black of the gown I guess. I'm thinking black camping pants as there will be a fair amount of standing around in the bright sunshine with many layers of clothing on and the underlayer could probably stand to be lightweight and wicking. I don't know if that would be too casual though. I do have some black pants that are sort of corporate friday casual which means that for academia they are dressy.

this is more interesting isn't it. I'd say I've had enough coffee to keep me from falling asleep in meditation. so on to that.

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