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I haven't begun cleaning yet. this apartment is such a lost cause I don't know where to begin, but I guess the main goal is to get rid of as much hair and dust as possible.

and wash the dishes and make the bathroom a little less frightening to the uninitiated.

this morning I went and got cat litter at trader joes and it's actually $12 instead of $18 but still not quite worth the car price so I figured I'd stock up on other items so I got fizzy water and rockstar drink too for cheap although not so many of them that I had to find a parking place in front of my house to haul them in.

see the hard part about going shopping with citycarshare is parking the car and then dragging your stuff home. the garage is a little over a block away from our front gate, which would not seem so bad but our blocks are equal to a little over one-tenth of a mile. so whatever you buy you have to be prepared to sweat it out down mission street to get it home unless you want to try to find temporary parking closer which is its own trying ordeal.

I also went to bed bath and beyond with the standard 20%-off coupon because yesterday it occurred to me that I needed a certain small appliance and by last night I had completely forgotten what it was that I had decided I needed and this morning I still did not remember so I figured I'd take the coupon and walk around the store till I saw what I needed but I didn't figure it out that way either. I think maybe I was going to get a food grinder so as not to stress sandy's small one grinding the special items for my special tea but I'm not certain that was it. I did find a tiny cuisineart for $30 and I might go back and get it. it would be perfect for grinding the stuff I need to grind but I don't know what else I'd use it for.

in any case the tea party is not till after the dissertation is actually filed. same for the tattoo and the ring for which I haven't a clue where the funds are coming from. so I have some time yet.

my very first stop was nordstrom rack because I thought if I could find a shirt for less than $40 to wear under my gown I might get one and instead I got one to wear to dinner tomorrow night. I will just wear one of my white shirts under the gown--yes one of the ones with coffee stains but the gown will cover those. the question is what pants since with a white shirt plain black pants tend to make you look like a waiter and I'm not sure that's what I want to wear to dinner afterwards. I suppose I could wear a shirt with a pattern on it. it's too bad that my wardrobe has slipped over towards brown and blue--although I suppose blue would be fine since it is a UC Berkeley color--but then again that's royal blue and I don't really do royal blue so much as a baby blue or aqua.

too much to figure out. I could just wear jeans under I suppose. perhaps lisagail will help me to dress myself.

I did not have time to sit this morning because therapy was at 8:30 and then the car reservation and so I'm just now sitting still. I think I will sit and then consider how and what to go about cleaning. I feel like a nap and sitting will make me feel even more like one but that is what caffeine is for. I will probably go to bed early as I must get up and drive to the oakland airport first thing tomorrow morning and I don't actually know how to get there so must leave myself time. I've only been there once and I remember it as very very small. this would only make it harder to find.


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May. 13th, 2006 08:29 pm (UTC)
I always block a driveway
Generally it takes so little time to unload that there's no chance to be penalized, but usually I leave the blinkers on as well so they know I'm just unloading, not being an asshole. Failing that, I double park or use the bus zone.

The best thing of course is to bring Max and make him do all the heavy stuff while I sit in the car and keep an eye out for traffic cops *weg*.

But seriously, there was no parking at either of my places. Driveways.

BTW maybe you can hit Max up for a shirt. He just did laundry LOL.

Also, what time is your commencement thingie?
May. 13th, 2006 08:52 pm (UTC)
Re: I always block a driveway
not many driveways on mission street, but I will park in a loading zone and/or double park if the stuff is really heavy. you have to watch the loading zones though--parking cops will ticket you just like that. they're not so vigilant about the driveways unless someone calls and complains I think.

yeah I could borrow a clean shirt, huh? naw I did laundry just a few days ago and have lots of clean shirts just all of them a tad colorful. I will have to try on the gown to see how much collar sticks up before making a choice.

I used to wear all black but a couple of years ago started branching out into the spectrum of light and lately I've gone a little nuts with the blues and the oranges and the greens etc.

commencement is 2-4pm. I cannot vouch for the interestingness of the entire program. it's commencement. what can you expect.

either lisa or I will be sending out some sort of communique indicating where everyone should meet before/after for further slaps on the back and photo opportunities and to get directions for dinner etc etc etc.
May. 13th, 2006 09:04 pm (UTC)
Happily, the exit off 880 south for the Oakland Airport is clearly marked. Hegenberger was how I always got there, and since little else is at the end of Hegenberger but the bay itself, you should have no problem finding it. :) As always, it's the traffic you ought to be worried about.

May. 13th, 2006 10:42 pm (UTC)
As always, it's the traffic you ought to be worried about.

sunday at 7am? do all those catholic families also fly their relatives in first thing sunday morning?? I swear they get more done on sunday morning than I get done in a month of sundays.
May. 13th, 2006 10:47 pm (UTC)
oh right, tomorrow is sunday. i've been a day ahead for some days now, so just ignore me.

no, sunday am ought to be a breeze. but then again, i was surprised at how busy that bridge is all the fucking time.
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