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dust chaser

it is a good thing I am sweeping today instead of, say, in the morning. the house is so dusty that sweeping itself raises clouds of dust that have to be re-swept away once they've settled. I'd imagine it takes a good 12 hours before any dust-sensitive individuals should be allowed in. even so it is impossible to get rid of all the dust because every pass sends half of what you are trying to dispose of back up into the air.

I can't believe it is only 4. it feels like 7. I guess I'm not used to housework. I still need to shave my head and shower and I kept thinking my god it's almost bedtime but I suppose it is not. I might re-shave on monday morning but in case I don't have time tonight seems the best time.

the one thing that stresses me out about commencement of course is the sheer sociability of it all. once my aunt gets her I'll feel somewhat responsible for keeping her entertained and then judith is taking her exiting grad students to dinner tomorrow night which although all her students are cool and very nice and some quite good friends of mine it's still a large group affair starting at 7:30 so it will be lasting past my bedtime for sure.

then monday with me being ridiculously nervous about commencement and the anticlimax of sitting through two hours worth of presentations and speeches and god knows what before the fateful trip across the stage where I try not to trip or get tangled in my hood and then after that some sort of group movement across the bay in time for dinner at 7 which can't last too long because we have to be up at 6 on tuesday to get lisagail back to the airport.

then I'll come home to a stack of papers to grade. I think, though, that tuesday itself might be a decompression day.

oh and I was going to say what a huge relief it is to be able to remove your shirt when your upper body is dripping with sweat. cleaning the house always works me into a heavy lather which is as annoying as every other ridiculously copious sweat that wells up out of me due to the critical mass of meds I take almost all of which have 'increased perspiration' as a possible side-effect. it's almost all water and hardly smells at all which is a good thing at least.

well it's almost 5 now. phone call interrupted my discourse on sweat. better get going on the hair.

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