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I just got back from seeing lisagail back off to seattle, sadly, as she had to get back to work today and couldn't stay to give me an excuse not to work any longer. six hours of sleep last night will probably get me through this next cup of coffee before I pass out but first I think I'm going to take some of my graduation dough and buy a new coffeemaker.

my uncle billy sent me a very generous check and I am torn as to what to do with it--I was just saying to myself the other day that a nice gift would be a vet visit for jackson and an ultrasound to make sure his heart is still ok. I'm a little worried because he's been coughing fairly regularly for the past month or so and that can be a sign of congestive heart failure but I haven't been able to afford to take him in for more than a cursory once-over and possibly an x-ray but now with this money I could get him his ultrasound.

thus I think I'm going to get the coffeemaker (with a 20% off coupon!) and maybe one other smallish thing and then call the vet. since this seems to be a sign: I asked the gods for it and they granted it to me.

I will describe graduation in more detail when I am more able to think linearly--although it was a disjointed blur and I guess the order in which things happened is not so important. I had a really nice time altogether and was very happy to see everyone who came by to wish me well, either at commencement or at dinner.

now I have to finish the damned dissertation. I'm kind of locked into it now.

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