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saturday or monday

so the cat is diagnosed and I have no time left to put off doing the grades so from now till monday at about 4 the grades are what I will be doing. naturally, though, I will not do them all day everyday but for a few hours every morning except possibly for monday which is when they are due and so I anticipate possibly working madly in pete's cafe until the registrar's office is just about to close. we'll see if I can't get a lot done before that.

I'm not sure how much I actually have to do. mostly there are papers, both on time and very late, but the class only has 16 people in it and for the most part the first two essays were done long ago--just not for a couple of people. so how many papers could there possibly be? I don't know, actually. I haven't counted them yet.

santiago is still not convinced that jackson is not an imposter. he's calmed down a little but now he is sniffing jackson's nose and then sitting back for a second before emitting a little hiss. silly little walnut-brained cat. last night there was a stand off when santiago discovered jackson sleeping next to my head. I woke up to hissing and spitting and growling and there was santiago all hopping mad while jackson looked at him like what is his problem and eventually jackson retreated to the foot of the bed long enough for santiago to dash under the covers and curl up down by my legs. then jackson came back and all was quiet until morning.

cats are so weird. they have good eyesight; I don't know why the recognition circuits in their brains are so olfactory-based that they can't recognize someone they've lived with all their lives if that someone happens to smell funny.

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