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job number one

I have done all the little things like check response papers and assign participation grades and now I only have a few papers to grade tomorrow and that will be all done. I should probably go for a walk or something but I want to code myself a blog now.

I don't even know where to start. I suppose I'd want to come up with some sort of schematic of how many different pages I would need to be able to display and then make some templates for them. the php books at all seem concentrated on e-commerce as their models for building up sites. instead of a shopping cart I need an 'update blog' page and an authentication scheme, although most of them do go over the latter.

I realize I probably wouldn't have to do this from scratch but I want to try just to see how hard it is to start with nothing. I know there are php blog packages out there--I think I've even downloaded one--but I would rather try to learn everything I'd need to know to code one than spend my time deciphering someone else's code. although that would be educational too.

or I could just keep reading the books until I theoretically know how to do everything but practically have no clue how to begin.

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