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the chase

i feel like going out and looking for something but i don't really want anything except a chameleons cd with second skin on it and i don't want to have to pay $25 because of the stupid fucking tariffs on imported music. whose idea was that anyway?

but a single cd doesn't seem like enough to warrant a trip to amoeba especially knowing that at least 500 of my closest friends will be gathered there because it is saturday and the weather's nice.

i could go for a busride to the beach where it will be cold and windy. there needs to be a bus that goes on a 50 mile loop through the city without the route actually ending anywhere so you could get on it and ride around looking at things for as long as you wanted.

have i ever mentioned that i like riding around?

you can do a loop by taking several buses of course but that entails standing and waiting in cold and windy places and whereas i do like walking through cold and windy places i don't really like standing and waiting in them.

a flea market. there must be a flea market somewhere.

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