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wish upon a star. well not just any star.

one thing I would like to do before I die--really, before I leave san francisco, which I'm also planning on doing before I die--is get up early early in the morning and climb twin peaks to watch the sun rise.

I'm thinking though that winter would be a better time for this. given that it is already light at 5:30 this time of year and I do not want to have to get up at 4 to do this. the very best time would probably be october when all the rest of the northern hemisphere is gearing up for winter while we have our hottest days of the year but at least then the fog wouldn't get in the way and the sun would come up later.

this is all to say that I spent a brief moment thinking if I went to bed now.. but then realized that, no, I'd still not get enough sleep if I got up before the sun.

I'm going to go to bed anyway and see what happens.

remind me of this ambition when you see me retiring particularly early on some october evening.

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