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how it happened

so I did start to read through my dissertation and although I wasn't planning on it I also wrote a few things to explain this and that and by the time I was a quarter of the way through it I was exhausted and so decided that with the revisions that was enough for one day and was going to do something like work on my blog or something but then I fell asleep.

I can't believe how easy it is to fall asleep anywhere--anywhere!--once you reach a certain age. I can sleep bolt upright in my computer chair which doesn't even have padding or a place to put your head. I'll just let my head dangle on top of my neck when I'm in there. I've slept in that chair for hours. I just had a four-hour nap in the living room chair, where I had moved to be able to put my feet up on our little square coffee table. no more of this craving to be horizontal before you'll sleep. I don't feel that even slightly these days. I think I should go back to traveling coach on amtrak since it is apparent that I can now easily sleep in a space designed for one sitting body, and those spaces are actually designed to be able to sleep in.

well so. I guess I'll have a bowl of cereal and see if I need anything more than that to eat this evening. it's almost bedtime, after all.

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