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it's wednesday so this must be paris

dissertation day. which as I said means dissertation morning and then I can go back to maniacally coding. although there are actually a couple other things that need taking care of that I've been putting off plus I need to go over to berkeley soon and set up a database there so I can showcase my wares. I mean I could set it up by hand over ssh but having discovered the easy way to do it I don't have much desire to create tables line by line.

it's 8am and I am already through my friends list which means you all are being extraordinarily quiet. I suppose this is a good thing and I should sit and then work but I am used to a little bigger buffer between getting out of bed and getting to work. I remember the days when I would jump out of bed, throw on whatever clothes were lying nearby, brush my teeth and put goo in my hair and be out the door in ten minutes. WITH NO COFFEE. oh I had to have coffee, but until they opened an espresso stand in the bus station I went all the way to work before having any. and then after I got a job I could walk to, I would walk the six blocks STRAIGHT UPHILL with NO COFFEE. I made some as soon as I got there but how on earth I ever made it up that hill is a mystery to me.

yeah alright I'll have coffee and sit now. jackson is purring next to me like isn't it time you sat on that funny cushion and paid attention to me for ten minutes before staring into space for an hour?

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