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is it a bad sign when reading your own dissertation puts you to sleep? granted I was reading the first part which I've about memorized by now and I do need my shot and I got 'only' eight hours of sleep last night but still.

apparently lyn and judith both stayed awake through it.

I struggled mightly against sleep but the sentences were starting to wander around on the screen and I could not finish one before it changed places with the one below so nothing was making sense so I'd close my eyes to try to straighten them out and of course the closure time got longer and longer until I'd been asleep for an hour and a half.

goddammit. perhaps I shouldn't have set up shop in the livingroom where you can sit in a comfy chair and put your feet up while you compute. I still feel sleepy, like I could probably sleep in this chair till 5pm or so.

well tonight I'll give myself my shot, after taking my pants off for the day. they're that tight: I have everything arranged and it would be a pain in the ass to have to rearrange it.

perhaps more coffee is indicated.

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