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up at 7 instead of 6 hoping that I will have the will and conscious energy to make it through the dissertation today. yesterday I worked for about an hour before falling asleep and then about another hour after waking up, but what a waste of time to sleep for two hours when you are trying to get work done!

there is no milk in the house though so the first thing to do after I am dressed is go get milk for a bowl of cereal. no food would make it that much more difficult to stay awake.

I seem to be in an inexplicably gloomy mood, too. I'm not sure what it's about. I mean there are all sorts of reasons to be worried or sad or whatever but I can't pin this one down to any particular thing. maybe it's free-floating gloom.

but it won't keep me from putting on my pants and working. thanks for all your nice comments--I might show you this afternoon why I look better with a shirt than without. I will make those pics small and put them behind a cut so those who don't want to see my spare tire will be spared. I'm also somewhat interested to see how it looks compared to last year's spare tire. I've been eating lots of cereal in the past several months and I don't know that it's been that good for the figure. I still walk a lot and hardly ever drink but my body seems to have adjusted to the lack of beer calories--possibly by making up for them in cereal calories! carbs, please!

get milk.
do work.
wake up.
do more work.

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