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I seem to have finally almost gotten together the bare bones of the pedagogy site, which I can't show off to any of you because it is only accessible to rhetoric grad students, but imagine something that looks an awful lot like my blog without the scary hyena strutting across the top and that provides a way to upload and download files and comment on them so that instructors and TAs can share their syllabi and worksheets and assignments, etc and share their opinions about them.

I never really got the threading problem solved although I skimmed a couple of people's solutions I didn't see anything that was quickly adaptable to my setup so I left that question by the side for the time being. I would like there to be a fully functional forum for real conversations, but my hunch is that class documents are not going to generate huge, multithreaded discussions. I have the rest of the summer to figure out how to thread, although I need that for my own blog too, unless I go the touch-me-not route of making people email their comments to me and then publishing only the ones I view as worthy of public attention.

I bet the threading problem is the reason why many selfmade blogs do exactly that.

in any case now I can take the code that hopefully they will pay me for and port it back over to my own private project. tomorrow would be a good day for starting that I think.

I have to work on my dissertation all next week. I can compute in the afternoons, but the obsession with the pedagogy site was not satisfied with mere afternoons this week. it is really really difficult to stop this stuff once I get going. almost to the point of symptom rather than characteristic.

but I got done what I wanted to get done so now I must move the attention back where it belongs until that is done and then I can go back to coding my ass off if that is what I decide to do with my life.


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