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staying on schedule

see the hard part for me is not to start fiddling with websites before I've even had my second cup of coffee. if I can just read lj, sip coffee, take my meds and then sit I think I can steer my attention where it needs to be.

I haven't heard from the faculty member who is in charge of this whole project yet anyway. it would be dumb to do more work on it until she said she liked it.

of course there's my website, one purpose of which is to earn me money, but still. the dissertation must be my obsession for the next several days. whatever it takes to get out a complete draft. the cool thing is that judith seems to like whatever I say the first time I say it, so revisions will probably be minimal. interestingly, lyn, the professor with no ego, is much more liable to speak up about things she thinks could go or that she doesn't agree with, so I have a few things to look at that she was uncertain of.

see if I can just get the obsession train shifted to another track I'll be home free. how people do more than one thing at a time is beyond me.

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