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to inaugurate my parents' check I went and bought myself a straw cowboy hat that when I put it on didn't look half as ridiculous as I thought it would.

home on the range

I couldn't find anything else I really wanted.I'm saving the rest to go to seattle anyway and then we'll see what comes my way in the future. I've got an interview for teaching at USF on wednesday, but that may or may not work out. I've got web work pretty much up to my neck suddenly which is fine but this week is dissertation week no matter what. also I will be reading for a class that runs from july 5 through the second week of august and that will be spare change.

I guess things are going ok. I have to decide if I want to teach or write php for the next little while. I'm not sure I could drum up enough business for the latter. the tutoring thing is still in my back pocket and I will move a little more on that as the school year gets started. I just ended up with all this web work for summer so I haven't had time to get going on this other career just yet.

it's interesting being in demand but I have to learn quickly how to manage my attention and time. I'm not so good at juggling different tasks and it is difficult for me to do a bunch of small things in a day rather than just one big thing. if I do a bunch of small things I feel like I haven't gotten anything done. maybe I need to change an assumption there or something.

today though I had a nice time wandering around not feeling destitute. I hate that feeling.

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