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I am feeling very very sleepy. I could go to bed at 8 and just might. one would expect, going to bed at such a time, that one would be up very early in the morning, but I find that no matter what time I go to bed if I try to get up before 6 I'm worthless all day the next day.

so I guess I'll go to bed at 8 and get up at 6. I was going to read tonight but the drowse guarantees that it would turn into a long chair nap and that is usually not the way to start out a good night's sleep and it's certainly no way to get any reading done.

I wonder if I'll have bizarre dreams tonight. I've been having some real humdingers lately, the kind where you wake up in your bed in san francisco and feel you must kiss the cats if not the bed itself. I've lost track of how many tornados I've been in this week. they couldn't possibly stand for any particular anxiety as there is no single anxiety that I can name that's been with me my whole life other than social anxiety and I don't see that manifesting itself as a cyclone.

yeah I'm seeing galaxies when I close my eyes--the astronomical phenomena, not the car. I think it is time to close up shop for the night.

nighty night.

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