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ok I just ventured out to get milk and coffee and it is hot as hell out there. or at least it is going to be hot as hell--I suppose 80F is not so hot, but it is if it's 10:30am in San Francisco.

so that means we'll be staying inside today. I will unplug the laptop from its various parasitic devices and take it out to the living room and put my feet up and read the last few pages of my dissertation and try to think about how to get the end to pull itself together so that I can stop already.

I have to go to berkeley this week but I think it will be tomorrow. not that tomorrow is forecast to be any cooler but I need to sit still and get a chunk of work done today. I could go over after the chunk is done but I have to be back here for dinner with a friend and although that's not till 6:30 I just don't see making the 1/2 mile walk to and from dwinelle from and to the bart station after the asphalt has had the sun bearing down upon it for 12 hours and is now emitting heat from under your feet.

of course, that's what I'll have to do tomorrow. you can't win, really. you can only sweat it out.

I went to the doctor last night and my bloodwork was all normal except for a marginally high cholesterol so now I have to go back for a fasting draw which I will do first thing in the morning and then go to berkeley from there, pausing for the forbidden cup of coffee when you are doing fasting bloodwork. I'm not sure how I'll get to the clinic without coffee. I meant the bus does go right there, but just opening and closing my front door without coffee is a trial.

but so anyway there is no particular reason for my swollen ankles so she is also going to test for some other less likely things and see if anything comes up there. I should also go get my elbow x-rayed so we can talk about that but spending however many hours it takes to get x-rayed at sfgeneral does not sound like my idea of a good time. I could go to the student health center, but you have to pay for the x-rays out of pocket. sfgeneral does it for free.

to work. I've had my bowl of cereal and second cup of coffee so things are looking up.

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