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oh the other thing I wanted to point out was that I weighed 185 pounds on their scale. that's ten pounds more than last time.

you've seen the pictures. do I look badly overweight? I don't quite understand what is going on as I have stopped drinking and on average eat one burrito and two bowls of cereal a day and I walk at least a mile every day and probably more like two on average. five to six when I'm 'exercising.' and I don't think I look any different from last year.

I do drink whole milk now instead of skim. and the swollen ankles could be indicative of a more widespread fluid retention I suppose. maybe I'll not panic until after we get that taken care of, possibly with diuretics if my doc can't find any particular reason for the edema.

that'll be fun. peeing all day.

also I think I am getting denser. I'm not doing a thing to develop musculature but in the past 18 months I'd say I've gained definition and mass spontaneously.

well whatever. as long as I'm healthy and can stand to look in a mirror I guess things are ok.

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