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endurance thy name is sleep

it hit 90F in the mission today. tomorrow is forecast to be "3 degrees warmer" than today according to the weather underground.

oh great.

I wrote five pages this morning and then got that feeling that says you are about to sleep and you are going to sleep until dusk and I did.

well not quite like that but I did sleep most of the day away in the livingroom with a hot laptop on my lap. I really should have put the computer down but I didn't know where to put it as my feet were up on the table where it would sit if my feet were not there instead but so I woke up every hour or so and wiped the sweat from my forehead and went back to sleep. finally at a quarter to six I woke up and had to stay awake as I had 6:30 dinner plans but by then it had cooled slightly or at least to the point that I wasn't pouring sweat any longer.

I'm pretty sure this is shot poop-out. I'm due tomorrow but I've been extraordinarily sleepy for the past two days so I took it 12 hours early this evening. hoping for some energy tomorrow as I really need to go to berkeley although sleeping through the heat is not a bad way to deal with it. I think though that if I decide to put off going to berkeley one more day I will at least remove some clothes and put the laptop down before I slumber the day away.

sleeping all day will not mean a thing for my sleeping tonight. in fact after writing this I will brush my teeth and go to bed, in just my shorts, with the fan on. oddly I almost like sleeping naked on top of the covers. it's as though the heat is your blanket. it occurs to me though that the reason I like it might be that I always wake up cold in the middle of the night and have to turn the fan off and/or pull up the blankets. I don't like the heat blanket when it lasts all night long, if I remember correctly.

yeah so yeah it's hot and I'm sleeping. and writing, so everything is ok.


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