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hot hot heat

I guess I should go to berkeley today since tomorrow is just supposed to be hotter still. on the other hand I have to leave the house early tomorrow already and head downtown and going to berkeley from there would be particularly easy not that it's not so easy from here but there I'm even closer to BART.

I really want to take all my clothes off and lie in front of a big fan. I know I should be happy I'm not up against the hills in the east bay where it will be hottest, but I am in the warmest neighborhood in the city so in some ways I might as well be over there.

never do today what you can put off till tomorrow, right?

on the other hand if I went to berkeley today I could take a two-block detour out of my way to go pee in a cup for the pee in a cup people. I'm getting really tired of doing it but I have to do it 8 times a year and we let my year slip almost all the way by before really dealing with this fact so I have to go like four times between now and the middle of july.

I need most to write, which I could do in berkeley but it puts me at the disadvantage of being away from all my books.

what I am probably going to do is remain shirtless and shoeless and go sit in the livingroom with my feet up with unplugged laptop and a couple of books and do some writing. I segued towards Gertrude Stein yesterday so today I should plunge in or at least look at the old essay that is currently tacked onto the end of everything as though it might say something like I want it to say and try to determine whether it really does, or which parts do. then I'd have to do the hardest thing to do in writing: stitch the pieces of the essay that are useful onto what I've got without having to write fifteen pages' worth of transitional devices.

I should work now.

when I have done all I can in that connection I will go to berkeley if I think I can survive the heat. I seriously became overheated the other day just walking to the corner store--body temperature regulation can be a problem with a couple of the meds I'm on--so if my body is going to be that way I might ought to stay in till 6pm or so.

either way I should put this water bottle in the freezer for a few minutes.

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